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The Golden Door in Escondido Gives New Meaning to a Spa Vacation

  The Golden Door Glow……


The Dining Diva just spent another week of divine penance at the Golden Door in Escondido, California where I was pampered, pummeled and whittled down to size in salubrious bliss. The Japanese-style resort is simply the crème-de-la-crème of its genre—where a handpicked staff of fitness instructors, therapists, nutritionists etc are on hand to cater to the every need of each of its 40 weekly guests.  The elite facility, with a price tag to match of nearly $8,000 for the Sunday to Sunday program, attracts, as you might expect, a well heeled clientele who can easily afford the tab. Eight grand does get you plenty–like breakfast in bed everyday (following a killer 5 mile mountain hike–hey you got to earn it), a daily-in-room massage and beauty treatment (facial, body scrub, waxing, washing, hair, nails and more), a head spinning array of finitely-tuned workouts, fitness aid to guide you thick and thin, glorious spa cuisine–three squares plus yummy, healthy snacks, lectures and even a full wardrobe of workout wear for the week (do bring your own shoes, bathing suit and undies, however). You don’t even need to pack toothpaste or cosmetics–it’s all there in your attractive Japanese-style room. There’s no TV in your room but two large screens are available in lounges, along with a computer that’s hooked up to hi speed Internet for those of us who need our daily cyberspace fix (unfortunately that was my case, thought I could go cold turkey, but it didn’t work. However I only got on after doing due diligence workouts and following pamper sessions, which I never skip).  If the price is too steep for your budget you may want to consider booking a mini-three or four day break. Offered for the first time ever, The Door’s three and four day programs include a private trainer, fitness program, deluxe Asian style room, all gourmet spa meals plus snacks, three in room massages, make up lesson, manicure or pedicure, herbal wrap, cooking class and transportation from San Diego airport. Everybody should do the Door at least once in their life-warning –it can be addicting—I go once or twice a year and my body thanks me for it, so does my husband. The Door is open for women only with the exception of four men’s weeks and four coed weeks a year.  Hey for you June brides, this is the perfect place to shape up mind, body and spirit for the big day or to treat your wedding party. Do the quick fix mini-break and you’ll be glowing even more on your big day.  Check it out at or call 800-424-0777, tell them Patti Pietschmann sent you.


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