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A Diva’s Day at New York’s Galaxy Day Spa’s Will Rhim

The Galaxy Day Spa ranks as New York’s Sexiest Sanctuary at  least for Linda Covello, jet setting, world famous photographer who succumbs to its salubrious allure regularly and can’t get enough of Will Rhim’s masterful massages…..

Nestled in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron District– steps from the intensity of a burgeoning neighborhood– but a galaxy away from the hustle and bustle, Galaxy Day Spa provides a sanctuary of sanity.

While the little charmer offers the gamut of day spa treatments, Linda says she’s hooked on  Will Rhim’s masterful massages.

Galaxy’s in-house therapist Rhim’s rubs turn this  fast lane lady whose high pressure photographic career and globe- trotting keep her moving non-stop. Like yours truly, Linda is a slave to massages and has had her share throughout the country and the world—from the Queen Mary2 to Hong Kong, Bora Bora, Paris, London Val D’Isere and beyond. She ranks Rhim right up there among the top. “He’s a lithe, quiet and serious man who performs massage therapy as a sacred art,” she sighs. “He even sets the mood with dim, candle lighting and unobtrusive music, even orchids place in beautiful bowl.

Linda Covello’s Sensuous Galaxy Scenario:

She lays face down inhaling aromatherapy oils :tea tree oil or lavender that clear her and relax her senses. Will’s strong hands grip the soles of her feet and slowing inch up her legs, warming her muscles and relieving all tension. Linda temporarily leaves this earth for nether land.    You feel his concern and mastery in the alternately tender and firm touch of his strong fingers and palms.  He has great strength and he applies pressure as if he is communing with your anatomy and knows precisely how much can be withstood.  His massage never feels too light or too hard.  It is always just right.  He stretches the legs and arms, twists limbs firmly yet gently, rotating the lower spine with so accurate a precision that my poor, wasted L5 disc feels warm and relieved in a way that no chiropractor has yet managed to achieve for me.  I let myself go into his care completely, my limbs totally limp and given over to Will’s ministrations.  For ninety minutes I experience and out of body transcendence and when I finally open my eyes and sit up.  I am flush with warmth of mind and body.  I leave the room a new woman, a warrior relieve of all tension and anxiety. Rambo turned to mush.

Patti’s Prattling:

My east coast readers or anyone planning a trip to NY and want a great massage should plan to book a session with this master masseur. It’s not easy finding a great massage therapist when you travel—take it from me, I know I’ve had the best of rubs and the worst. So it help when someone like Linda makes such a strong recommendation. And for any skeptics out there, she pays for her treatments. Although one would hope Will would toss her a freebie after reading her glowing review

Galaxy Day Spa,, 7 West 25th Street, NY 10010, 646-429-9542Galaxy Day Spa

Specialty facials using  Biodroga and Essensa;  manicures and pedicures that are rendered with care and expertise.  The Deluxe Spa Pedicure, an intensive treatment which combines far eastern massage with aromatic exfoliation, left my calloused heels soft as velvet, not a simple task on worn out feet that had just walked the streets of Venice for days in flip flops.











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