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The Dining Diva digs into Ty.Ku Asian Citrus Liquer & More

Your Dining Diva loves sampling new foods and wines and I just received an exquiste bottle of a unique new adult beverfage called Ty.Ku,  it’s not only a delicious, low-sugar, low-calorie citrus liqueur, the refreshing  mint green libation comes in an sexy bottle that actually lights up when you pour it.  Drink it straight, on the rocks or mixed in margarita for an extra buzz (we did and it’s amazing). Unique in the liquor industry the LED techno-lighted bottle is about as much fun as the beverage. Priced in the $30 range, Ty.Ku has already swept the celeb world (Paris Hilton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jeremy Piven, Jamie Foxx have partaken according to the company). It’s also been featured in magazines. Check out

Yummy…I am sitting here eating Sahale Glazed Cashews with pomegranate and vanilla and it’s the best snack I ever are. This stuff is really tasty. Perfect for holiday entertaining or stuffing in stockings. John & Edmond, who sign the packages make avariety of healthy options like Almonds with cranberries and sea salt or with peanuts and berries–it’s all good. Check it out at Order lots for your holiday

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4 responses to “The Dining Diva digs into Ty.Ku Asian Citrus Liquer & More

  1. Dino

    Thanks for such an important articles about Anti Aging. This is a very needed because my friend sis is suffering from anti aging and i want to help her.
    so please guide me.

  2. Excellent Post, thanx for sharing the same.. Will keep on reading the post 😀 Stumbled yourpost .. cheers

  3. Braden ⋅

    My girlfriend and her friends are really into TY KU so i’ve had it on many occasions and it really impressed me. They’re sake is the best, hands down

  4. Josh ⋅

    My girlfriend is a diva and she digs TY KU….. she will also kill me if she see’s this! But seriously… great stuff.

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