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Abstract Art


This is an abstract of your divaonthego painted by a wonderful artist Frederic Holley whom I am trying to locate, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Frederic please leave a comment on this blog.¬† Frederic actually invented “vaginal” art, no joke, I have it hanging¬† in my living room. It’s actually quite tasteful.

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5 responses to “Abstract Art

  1. nancy ⋅

    Frederic and I were friends when he lived in Hollywood around 1971. I lost touch, and understood that he had moved (back?) to Europe. Last year I found a website hosted by his friends which announced that, unfortunately, he had died. I can’t find the web site again. He was an interesting man, a good artist, and a very nice person. He was rather flamboyant, and liked to wear a cape like, old European artists. I know nothing about “vaginal” art, but he did paintings, very large abstract sculptures, and miniatures. He had an agent in L.A. and showed at a gallery. If you’re interested, that might be a place to follow-up. I no longer have an interest, and don’t know anything about the value of his art. I’m glad he is remembered.

  2. De Bruyn Peter ⋅

    I was a Belgian friend of Frederic Holley. Do have a very nice collection of his art works (some 6O paintings and drawings).

    Peter De Bruyn

  3. Sheila ⋅

    I have a Frederic Holley vagina painting.
    If you find him I’d like to send him a lovely message.

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