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The Diva’s Day at the Swag Fest

I scored a great pair of earrings and a tiger’s eye ring at this booth…..swag

Your divaonthego’s day at the swag fest.  It was a glam afternoon mulling around at the “Be The Change Oscar Lounge Presented by Sense Beautiful Science“–one of the many swag fests put on mostly for celebrities to promote products that hopefully they’ll wear on their famous persons. I love these events, which I attend yearly.
This year’s lounge was based at the Pali House in West Hollywood–an upscale residence hotel.

I started at Shemoni and worked my way upstairs where I scored a pair of MBT boots 08-w_tambo_chocolatelowresthat will be sent to me so I don’t have them now but they are worth waiting for. These are the best, most healthful footwear you can wear. I already own two pair of MBTs athletic shoes and love them so can’t wait for my new black leather boots. Once the nice folks from MBTs fitted me for my boots I moved on to a Tarot card reader who gave me a rosy outlook, that was good. After that I got lash extensions put on by a member of MM Makeup Mandy,, they look sexy, this was followed a mini massage and mani from Mobile Spa–a nation-wide company that does in-home or office manis, pedis, massage and spa parties., or 888-685-0885.

Next I visited a lovely designer at the Ogie Kanogie display who gave me a cool blue, strapless slip on dress. The creation of two So Cal girls, Ogies makes mostly cool coats which you must check out at dsc_0304 Since I’m not a celeb I didn’t score a coat,  but Leeza Gibbons did (seen to the right). I like the dress  though, it is cute and fits literally like a glove.

I also visited Storm London, a jeweler that creates unusual, innovative designs. They said they’d send me a watch that I fell for, can’t wait it’s really nifty. After I stopped by ADA handbags where to die for bags were displayed but alas only gifted to celebs, but they did give me a slim leather wallet. Check out their stuff at

And before I left the lounge I stopped to meet the sponsor, Sense beautiful science which offers a line of natural skin-care products that the literature says is “combines purifying botanicals in protective liquid crystals, pure plant bio actives designed to revitalized cells and make skin appear younger and healthier. The company’s brochure claims extensive research and results. I’ll be the judge as I start my regimen with the generous bag of face and hair goodies they armed me with. I also got a handy, travel 5X magnification fold out mirror and polishing gloves. So come back for details.

As always the glam affair, put on by Melanie Segal of Platinum Publicity with Sense Beautiful  Science was a big hit with the celebs, writers and other invited guests who go to grab the swag, see and be seen.

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