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The Diva Does Dodger Stadium

Patti & Richard in the Stadium Club….

TheDiva at Dodger Stadium

The Diva Got Taken Out to the Ballpark
July 19, 2009
The Diva and husband Richard in the Stadium Club enjoying a sumptuous buffet–no hot dogs or cracker jacks for this Diva– and mighty fine Chard.
Our friend Tom invited us out for a Dodger-Astro game. LA won.

I was a reluctant participant at first seeing that I’m a major NY Yankee/American League fan. But the Diva on the Go is up for anything and this proved much better than expected. Largely due to the company. It was my first outing to this ballpark and I must say I was impressed.
It was Tom’s annual Georgetown U get together and began with a dinner buffet at the Stadium Club buffet followed by the game. We had nifty right field seats in section 46. Didn’t catch any balls but one did fly close and was caught by a fan. I assume he was a fan as he was cheering a lot for the home team.
Got to see Manny,who’s pictured here out in the field huddled with other players. He struck out but also got a double.
FYI: the team moved to LA in 1958 but the stadium wasn’t fully operative until 1962. It has seen many changes like a $20 million renovation in 2005 which added 1600 seats and improved dining venues as well as Martini Barnear the Dugout Club–which we didn’t get to sample.

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