Trysting in Acapulco

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“You want to go to Acapulco for the weekend,” he asked the young woman sitting next to him in First Class on a flight from New York to Los Angeles.  “Are you serious,” she responded, “we just met.”  “Yup,” replied the good looking guy. 

And so the next weekend, the couple who met while flying  through skies, but had not yet joined the mile high club, jumped on a jet  for a two night tryst in this sort of sin city of Mexico. A city like New York or Las Vegas that never sleeps and where anything can and does happen and pretty much stays there, especially when the man in question is married. Ah-capulco, one of the world’s true trysting places, where Mexicans take their mistresses from Mexico City and thousands of other tawdry affairs unfold.

Male or female, young or old, gay or straight, here’s a few choice places to rendezvous:

Ultra private/romantic
:  Banyan Tree Cabo Marques (– the first all-villa spa resort in the region offering deluxe accommodations and world-class amenities. Nestled in the ultra exclusive Cabo Marques, guests enter a sanctuary of the senses when experiencing one of the seven treatment pavilions of the spa complex. Newlyweds can also browse through the Banyan Tree Gallery, a showcase of indigenous arts and crafts from community projects around the world.

Cutsey, cuddly throw back to the 1950s,  the trendy  Hotel Boca Chica,  with 36 recently restored guest rooms that feel like a private oasis with a terrace overlooking the bay, hammock and outdoor living space. For a day of romance and relaxation, lovers can indulge in the healing powers of the on-site spa or dance the night away at the hotel’s new nightclub, Coco Wash.

Intimate, private: Hotel Encanto, , a unique boutique hotel and spa located in the Brisas Marques area of Acapulco, is an ideal escape for honeymooners. This exclusive property consists of 44 rooms, 22 of which feature a private pool, enclosing couples in from disturbances of the outside world. At night, the Hotel lights up with romantic hues of blue, red, purple and yellow that can be viewed from virtually anywhere in the Diamante zone.

The ultimate hidaway:  It doesn’t get more romantic than Las Brisas with its private casitas, some with little pools, all with morning juice and coffee delivered daily, many with stunning views, and the word class Beach Club for lazing away the days. Outside of the hotels, Acapulco offers an array of activities for adventurous duos. Located just outside of the city is the popular beach of Pie de la Cuesta, known for its romantic sunsets and palm-lined coast. Directly across from Pie de la Cuesta is the famous Coyuca Lagoon, a natural fresh water sanctuary where exotic wildlife coexists among the jungle-shrouded canals. The site protects various flora and fauna and offers boat tours for travelers to enjoy. Ideal for water-skiers and fishing enthusiasts, recreational activities can come to a close with a pampering natural mud bath.

Acapulco is Mexico’s largest and most dazzling seaside resort attracting over nine million visitors annually. Acapulco is exotic yet easily accessible via direct or convenient connections via all major airline carriers from gateway cities across the U.S. For more information about Acapulco, visit  .

Caveat: Mexico is undergoing serious drug problems and crime. Use caution and travel responsibly.

WeHo, the Gayest Little City in California…a Photo Journey

Best Caesar Salad in LA at the Palm

The Diva at the Palm Restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. ij WeHo, the photos were taken before and after my husband Richard and I had the Business person special, a real deal at $23.95 with four courses! See the photo of the menu and more….follow the trail

The walls at the Palm are lined with....

Two little steaks come with the Business Persoj SpecialTasty, so tender, so good.So WeHo and a sign of the times?

Gina’s Italian Cuisine A Real Foodie Find

So there we were wending our way to the Just Inn in Paso Robles when hunger pangs hit and we pulled off the Freeway to find a place to eat in a town called Arroyo Grande.

We walked all three-four blocks of the burg and decided to stop for a bite at an inviting-looking eatery called Gina’s–which we later learned is one of the best Italian restaurants in this neck of California  central coastal woods.

The place was filled with locals who lunch and looked like they really enjoyed it.  We were probably the only tourists in the joint.

What a surprise.  Richard’s freshly made goat cheese ravioli raised the taste buds to new heights, my Caesar salad was better than I’ve had for twice the price, and an authentic cannoli was a good as you can find in the best Italian bakeries in New York.

 Our waitress seemed genuinely pleased with our enthusiasm for the meal, she must be Italian.

Mama mia it was tasty. And all for less than $30 with two amazing espressos and tip.

Gina’s also has pizzas, soups, assorted homemade pastas and specialities like chicken Marsala, chicken  saltimbocco, chicken piccata, scampi gorgonzola and much more priced from $7.95 to $18.95 at dinner, less at lunch.

So if you find yourself between an Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles at 138 East Branch Street (805-481-3266) be sure to stop for lunch or dinner.

Martinis & Wine a With the Diva on the Go

The latest Martini at the Bridge at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, a special al fresco spot that’s filling the gap while the hotel’s Dakota Restaurant undergoes a face-lift transformation.


 dry martini at Ty’s at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara Biltmore whets the appetite for dinner.

A glass of Chardonnay for moi and a dry Martini  for him at the bar at the Bellavista at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara Biltmore.

Wine at Ty’s.

The Diva at Ty’s at the Coral Casino at the Santa Barbara Biltmore.

Another perfect Martini at the Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel

Shellac Update: it really works–but taking it off’s a bitch

I must admit I was thrilled with my  two Shellac treatments. The paint dried in a flash. My nails looked great and the polish lasted over two weeks. BUT—taking it off is another story.

You either have to go back to the salon and pay to have it removed where they wrap your nails in  solution0s-soaked cotton balls covered with tin foil and then peel it off.

Or , like I just did, do it at home.   Which I did. It took forever. I  soaked my nails in acetone polish remover, wrapped them in acetone soaked cotton balls and scraped off the polish. It was messy, my nails looked  like s–t after.  They actually took quite a shellac-ing.,

So unless you’re willing to pay for extra sessions, consider carefully. Hopefully the company will come out with a special remover we can use at home.

These are my nails on June 30th after a good “Shellac” job  by Kayce at the Paint Shop in West Hollywood. I must confess that I wasn’t familiar with the Shellac process until I was invited to an event at the unique salon.

And now I’m a believer.  Today. July 9, my nails look as freshly-painted as they did 11-days ago when I had them done at the Paint Shop.  A paint job has never lasted this long on my nails.

Basically Shellac is designed to last for as long as a two weeks without chipping or fading, it’s a multi-process that uses two coats of color and one top coat. Your hands are put under ultra-violet light after each application.

Not only did I love how my nails looked, I couldn’t get over that they dried immediately, I could reach in my wallet for money, car keys, whatever without worrying about messing my mani.

The procedure is done at nail salons all over the country, but I’ll probably go back to the Paint Shop for my next Shellac-ing. The price is $50 and it takes about an hour.

The adorable, Morocan-style shop is run by Julie and Domingo Serquinia, she does nails, he does hair.   Comfy, over-sized chairs, lounge-like areas and a friendly staff add to the charm.

Paint Shop, 7938 West 3rd St., 323-658-1930,; web site:

For information about Shellac check out:

There I am dressed to go out with my red Shellac-ed nails.