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Gina’s Italian Cuisine A Real Foodie Find

So there we were wending our way to the Just Inn in Paso Robles when hunger pangs hit and we pulled off the Freeway to find a place to eat in a town called Arroyo Grande.

We walked all three-four blocks of the burg and decided to stop for a bite at an inviting-looking eatery called Gina’s–which we later learned is one of the best Italian restaurants in this neck of California  central coastal woods.

The place was filled with locals who lunch and looked like they really enjoyed it.  We were probably the only tourists in the joint.

What a surprise.  Richard’s freshly made goat cheese ravioli raised the taste buds to new heights, my Caesar salad was better than I’ve had for twice the price, and an authentic cannoli was a good as you can find in the best Italian bakeries in New York.

 Our waitress seemed genuinely pleased with our enthusiasm for the meal, she must be Italian.

Mama mia it was tasty. And all for less than $30 with two amazing espressos and tip.

Gina’s also has pizzas, soups, assorted homemade pastas and specialities like chicken Marsala, chicken  saltimbocco, chicken piccata, scampi gorgonzola and much more priced from $7.95 to $18.95 at dinner, less at lunch.

So if you find yourself between an Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles at 138 East Branch Street (805-481-3266) be sure to stop for lunch or dinner.

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  1. Hey I wrote it so I like it.

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