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So you know that saying “you can never be too thin or too rich.” Well apparently I am too thin to undergo the revolutionary facial treatment advancement known as Stem Cell Rejuvenation. I’m reaching a point where that crinkle, wrinkle and pop isn’t cute, but I refuse to go under the knife or have radical surgery.

I’m not old enough, but obviously too thin.Here’s the rub: to do Stem Cell the cells are taken from fatty areas of your body like the hips, butt or belly. Well the MD (Dr. Nathan Newman) I went to in Beverly Hills says I don’t got no fat for liposuction so no can do. I begged him to reconsider what I thought to be a little belly fat and he laughed. Then I suggested my thigh, which he considered, even though he said it was too lean, and then said if he lipo-ed out any…

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A long hot summer staycation in Los Angeles

The temperature’s rising in the Hollywood Hills. It’s nearly 90 right now.  Confirmed conservationists that we are we don’t have air conditioning, had it taken out actually when we bought the house.  Dumb move, you might think, and maybe it is.  But we think of it as our contribution to save the planet.

So how are we staying cool on our LA staycation?  We dive into the pool every few minutes. While there are many fine beaches in SoCal, the ocean is just too chilly for this New York/Florida transplant where the sea in the summer never dips below 80.

So here we are sweltering. Going to see the Campaign to stay cool in the theater, they always keep the AC on frigid in LA movie theaters. Then planning to eat out in air conditioned restaurants.

Diva’s favorite spa takes Shape honors


Golden Door Spa,  where the Diva and her husband Richard go to shape up, tone and atone and up our body awareness, was fittingly named one of the Top 10 A-List Bikini Boot Camps by Shape Magazine.Whiel I wouldn’t call it a “boot camp”, hey magazines like to play with words, as do I, I would whole heartedly agree it’s the best in the world. I have gone through the all-inclusive week-long with women of all walks of life, from Hollywood starlets to Greek heiresses, and regular career girls.

The Door is open as a woman only facility for most of the year with the exception of four or five coed and men’s weeks (depends).  For the last four years the Diva has  been doing coed week with her man and loves it.

The  zen-like Japanese style facility is so spiritual and beautiful that you unwind the minute you walk across a little foot bridge from the parking lot to the lobby. From there it’s euphoria albeit mixed with rigorous mountain hikes, aerobics, spinning, Pilates, Yoga, assorted dance classes including Zumba and several other ways to get your heart pumping  and your fat down. Of course you don’t have do anything either, you can simply lounge around enjoy the primordial pampering which is generously proffered every day and including in the $7000 tab (which is sometimes on sale for $6600).

Golden Door Spa (866) 420-6414 book online: