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 Patti’s  Prattles Annual Holiday Guide  updated Oct. 13, 2008 with more Nifty, Outside the Box Gift Ideas(scroll to bottom of entry for newer items)–from Louiseville Sluggers to Techno gadgets and beyond. Light a candle, take a deep breath let the shopping begin…..
That’s my Louiseville Slugger complete with my name, the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter inscribed, I love it and so will those on your holiday gift giving list. Every year I hunt for the best of the seasons–   most of these products come from ideas pitched to me by savvy public relations people who understand that this guide is about exciting, interesting gifts, outside the usual box type items (with a couple of exceptions). Anyhow, one company told me about a personalized baseball bat. Well being an avid Yankee fan and having hit a few balls in my time, I was so excited about it…

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Finally ear buds that don’t get all twisted up

I just tried them at the gym and can’t wait to use them on airplanes. But the EFX machine at Total Woman Spa and Fitness in Studio City was a good place to test them out.

My ear buds always seem to wind up in a mess. Not any more. Love this invention:

CordCruncher headphones are made for those who live an active and on-the-go lifestyle and are tired of wasting precious time untangling messy ear buds.

The cord length adjusts from 16 inches to 3.5 feet, allowing the user to take command of cord length. These are quickly becoming the headphones of choice for gym-rats, yogis, golfers, bikers, and more!

CordCruncher headphones also make the perfect travel accessory. No more tangled cords around the airplane seat belt, and are easily stored in carry-on luggage for hassle-free retrieval.

More information and a video on this game changer to the headphone industry can be found

CordCruncher: CordCruncher Headphones World’s First Tangle-Free Headphone

  • Guaranteed tangle-free headphone experience, anywhere and every time
  • Elastic-sleeve to customize headphone experience and allow user to take command of cord length
  • Adjusts from 16 inches to 3.5 feet of cord length
  • Easily crunch to mix fashion and function between uses when worn as bracelet or necklace
  • Available in three colors – Pearl Blue, Matte Black and Rocket Red

Available at: Price: $24.99 Website: