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Quirky, the company that makes invention accessible has some gift ideas for your friends and family this holiday season. Quirky partners with creative people from around the world to help them bring their great ideas to life.

Quirky CordiesExecutive Keep Cables On The Table $24.99. Eliminates those messy desks.  Cordies Executive is an elegant desk organizing system that manages your papers, cords, electronics and anything that fits into the rubber slots. The aluminum base keeps it weighted down and in place. Cordies was invented by Stephen Stewart of Belfast, Ireland with the help of 562 influencers.

Pen Zen The Art of Organization $19.99 is a smartly  designed wooden storage unit for writing utensils and other office supplies. The internal rubber extrusions hold pens in place and the magnetic sides hold clips and pins. Pen Zen was invented by Edwin van de Bosport from Bennekom, Netherlands with the help…

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