Beware *caveat emptor when using read the ‘fine print’

Patti's Prattles

Okay maybe my bad, but today I bought two $39 car service coupons from for  sounded great. Needed a couple of rides toa airport and train station. After I paid  I got my coupons and low and behold there as “fine print” that said there would be an additional $27 added to the tab for taxes, tips etc. I somehow missed this. In deference to Groupon they immediately refunded my money when I complained.

The point of this post is for all who use Groupon or other such disccount sites to be alert and read the fine print, perhaps you do, and like I said, my bad. However although they refunded my money fast, this left such a bad taste that I won’t be using Groupon again. Maybe they should alert customers in big red print that it isn’t really $39 but $66.

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