The Dorchester London celebrates National Souffle Day

The Grill at The Dorchester - Soufflee, Chocolate Sao Tome 75% from Alain Ducasse Manufacture, in ParisThe Grill at The Dorchester - night time panels detail HIGH RESThe Grill at The Dorchester November 2014 HIGH RESIn celebration of National Soufflé Day this Saturday February 28, The Dorchester in London’s new restaurant, The Grill is sharing the recipe for Alain Ducasse’s protégé Christophe Marliex Chocolate Sao Tome 75% from Alain Ducasse Manufacture in Paris for the home chef to create in their own kitchen. Others who will be in the London area can head to The Grill and experience the comprehensive dessert menu featuring an entire soufflé collection using unique ingredients from around the world. You can see the full recipe on page 7 here:

Recent purchase of BMW pre-own certified car taught me a lesson to check brake pads and read the fine print

Read this if you’re planning to buy a used car

Patti's Prattles

??????????I asked a dozen men (will explain why no women) if they knew what 5 millimeters means in reference to brake pads. None of them knew.

Why the survey? Because I am a woman who went by herself to a Center BMW in Van Nuys and bought a pre-owned certified car. It really  doesn’t even matter what model but if you care, a 2011 128i. After handing the finance man my check he whipped out papers for me to sign.  I had spent the whole afternoon at the dealership and was tired but I initialed everything. Turns out I initialed that it was okay that the brake pads on the car were worn down to a 5 from a 12.

Well 1,500 miles later I needed new brake pads which now were worn down to a 2 ½ and a 3, in that short time. I don’t drive much…

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