Crunch Fitness ice cream giveaway

Crunch it does a body good.

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  1. Be one of the first 50 members to hit the gym tomorrow & you’ll receive a pint of

    I caught this post on Twitter and had to pass it on. Crunch is all over the country including Puerto Rico so work out and get your ice cream. My favorite Crunch is West Hollywood, California. It has steams, saunas, locker rooms, Bliss bath and hair products, lots of equipment and wild and wacky workouts that  tone you up while having fun. There’s also personal trainers for ‘rent’.

    IMG_2255  Crunch it  does  a body good.

    Address: 8000 Sunset, 8000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046
    Open today July 16 · 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Delta vs Virgin America

A tale of First Class flights on two very different airlines


As members of  both Delta and Virgin America‘s frequent flyer programs we decided to  spread the miles for a June trip to Maui by flying Delta over and Virgin back. .  Wealso flew Delta later that month from Los Angeles to Alaska to catch the Seven Seas Mariner for a magical week-long cruise.

                                               Scene from Delta from Vancouver to Seattle

We flew in First Class on all three flights and what a difference an airline can make. We flew Delta First Class (scene from window of Washington) to Maui and Virgin America First Class back to Los Angeles. Both flights were thankfully uneventful and not to thankfully fair  for the  fare. Delta served breakfast, an omelette that was edible and great bread, one miserly glass of Champagne. The stew said hey only brought on bottle aboard. “In First Class,” I countered slightly irate but toned  down because I didn’t want to show any air rage.  The seats were okay  but hardly reclined. There was good leg  room though. Our bags were out fast in Maui,  too. Oh yeah and the earphones in First were those awful ear buds  I hate.

Flying from Maui on Virgin America was a huge disappointment for us Elevate  members. The food wasn’t edible, the service fair, the entertainment/WiFi system down,the wine  undrinkable but the seats really comfy. It wasn’t up to Virgin America muster at all. And to make matters worse we flew on June 19, 2016 and still don’t have our Elevate points posted to our account. Although the airline did give us some travel dollars credit  for our discomfort.

Now we just did  flights from LAX to Anchorage via Seattle  and back from Vancouver BC on Delta that was much more worth the First Class fare. The food was tasty, the seats comfy and the flight crew were just so happy and accommodating especially  on return leg from Vancouver.


Flying First Class has its privileges such as two free checked bags, free food (which is usually better on Virgin America than we got on the Maui  run) and drink, more leg room, wider, more comfy seats than in coach some that even drop into flat beds, priority boarding and baggage arrival. In all fairness Virgin America is new to the Los Angeles-Maui schedule having just launched in June so maybe it needs to get the kinks out. I hope so  because I love that quirky  airline that reminds me so  much of the old PSA Airlines which was the outrageously fun to  fly with.

Spa news:Valley Ho adds in room yoga

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yogaScottsdale spa buffs love  the VH Spa at Hotel Valley Ho and now yoga fans will love it, too. The hotel recently added an  in-room yoga program called STAY.ZEN in addition to the movement studio classes at VH Spa for Vitality + Health. The new package includes a  a mat, a variety of classes that hotel guests can follow on the in-room TV, two water bottles, and a six-month membership to The Yoga Collective, including hundreds of online yoga classes. Each room comes ready with a STAY.ZEN kit, available for $40 (a $110 value). A second mat is available for $25.

Spa Director Josh Bredimus explains, “Our hope is that STAY.ZEN will improve the quality of travel for all of our guests and increase their overall level of wellbeing.”

VH Spa also offers one-hour, all-levels flow classes. Fridays at 9:15 a.m., class is held in the movement studio. On Sundays at…

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United Airlines jet hits bird makes emergency landing in Sydney

Incident freaks out passengers

The United Airlines plane was bound for Los Angeles when the pilot suddenly turned around and headed back to Sydney where it originated after what was reported by as a possible bird hit. The jet, a Boeing 777, was greeted at the Aussie airport by emergency crews. There were about 308 passengers on the flight. “United Airlines confirmed the aircraft safely returned to the airport at 11.13 a.m. and the flight has been cancelled,” the airline said. The usual boiler plate statement was also issued saying that the carrier s currently working to get passengers on the next available flight and apologizes  for  any inconvenience this may have caused.” The Daily Telegraph reported the aircraft dumped its fuel before coming in for landing.
The pilot reportedly told passengers there was “an issue with the plane” and they had to return to Sydney.

Posts were flying around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that called the incident rather frightening.  But today these airline incidents seem to be par for the course.  It’s just lucky that no one was hurt.hawaiianairclouds

AHAVA mud masks make beautiful flawless faces

Pack AHAVA in your beauty bag when you travel

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Go ahead play dirty with Patti’s favorite find of 2016 from AHAVA

AHAVA, the Dead Sea Beauty Authority  recently introduced its spa-like mud facials you can do at home such as:

Dead Sea mud is good for your skin
Photo supplied with permission to use by AHAVA
  • · NATURAL DEAD SEA BODY MUD : you can have lots of fun rubbing this mud mask all over your body or his or hers and letting it harden and do its job. The mineral-rich formula absorbs excess oil and removes dead skin cells, dirt and toxins to reveal fresh, soft skin. Therapeutic Dead Sea mud stimulates circulation and refines skin’s texture, clarity and tone. Mud treatment can also be heated to help relieve stress and muscle aches.
  • · PURIFYING MUD MASK, DIY a facial at home with this unique blend of purifying Dead Sea Mud, minerals and natural extracts, that goes deep to get rid of the dirt and…

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