United Airlines jet hits bird makes emergency landing in Sydney

Incident freaks out passengers

The United Airlines plane was bound for Los Angeles when the pilot suddenly turned around and headed back to Sydney where it originated after what was reported by news.comnews.com as a possible bird hit. The jet, a Boeing 777, was greeted at the Aussie airport by emergency crews. There were about 308 passengers on the flight. “United Airlines confirmed the aircraft safely returned to the airport at 11.13 a.m. and the flight has been cancelled,” the airline said. The usual boiler plate statement was also issued saying that the carrier s currently working to get passengers on the next available flight and apologizes  for  any inconvenience this may have caused.” The Daily Telegraph reported the aircraft dumped its fuel before coming in for landing.
The pilot reportedly told passengers there was “an issue with the plane” and they had to return to Sydney.

Posts were flying around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that called the incident rather frightening.  But today these airline incidents seem to be par for the course.  It’s just lucky that no one was hurt.hawaiianairclouds