Finally ear buds that don’t get all twisted up

I just tried them at the gym and can’t wait to use them on airplanes. But the EFX machine at Total Woman Spa and Fitness in Studio City was a good place to test them out.

My ear buds always seem to wind up in a mess. Not any more. Love this invention:

CordCruncher headphones are made for those who live an active and on-the-go lifestyle and are tired of wasting precious time untangling messy ear buds.

The cord length adjusts from 16 inches to 3.5 feet, allowing the user to take command of cord length. These are quickly becoming the headphones of choice for gym-rats, yogis, golfers, bikers, and more!

CordCruncher headphones also make the perfect travel accessory. No more tangled cords around the airplane seat belt, and are easily stored in carry-on luggage for hassle-free retrieval.

More information and a video on this game changer to the headphone industry can be found

CordCruncher: CordCruncher Headphones World’s First Tangle-Free Headphone

  • Guaranteed tangle-free headphone experience, anywhere and every time
  • Elastic-sleeve to customize headphone experience and allow user to take command of cord length
  • Adjusts from 16 inches to 3.5 feet of cord length
  • Easily crunch to mix fashion and function between uses when worn as bracelet or necklace
  • Available in three colors – Pearl Blue, Matte Black and Rocket Red

Available at: Price: $24.99 Website:

Diva’s favorite spa takes Shape honors


Golden Door Spa,  where the Diva and her husband Richard go to shape up, tone and atone and up our body awareness, was fittingly named one of the Top 10 A-List Bikini Boot Camps by Shape Magazine.Whiel I wouldn’t call it a “boot camp”, hey magazines like to play with words, as do I, I would whole heartedly agree it’s the best in the world. I have gone through the all-inclusive week-long with women of all walks of life, from Hollywood starlets to Greek heiresses, and regular career girls.

The Door is open as a woman only facility for most of the year with the exception of four or five coed and men’s weeks (depends).  For the last four years the Diva has  been doing coed week with her man and loves it.

The  zen-like Japanese style facility is so spiritual and beautiful that you unwind the minute you walk across a little foot bridge from the parking lot to the lobby. From there it’s euphoria albeit mixed with rigorous mountain hikes, aerobics, spinning, Pilates, Yoga, assorted dance classes including Zumba and several other ways to get your heart pumping  and your fat down. Of course you don’t have do anything either, you can simply lounge around enjoy the primordial pampering which is generously proffered every day and including in the $7000 tab (which is sometimes on sale for $6600).

Golden Door Spa (866) 420-6414 book online:

The Diva does the Golden Door and has photos to prove it

The Diva and her man, Richard

Diva and her man at the Golden Door Coed week, June 10, 2012 a the Golden Door (  in Escondido, California was one of the best weeks of our lives. Great mind,body, spirit balancing combined with healthy food,

Lamb that’s good for you served Saturday night

beaucoup pampering and great guests who bonded for the seven days (and some beyond).

Wendy gives a nutrition lecture


There’s nothing like this spa that leaves you glowing and tingling from head to toe, not to mentioned toned, trimmed, fit and fabulous.A dance class at the Door

Diane Allan, my fitness guide, shows how to use the equipment in the gym

Stories located here:

Asian influences abound at the Door

My Favorite Health Club, the SportsClubLA

I have worked out in health clubs, gyms and exercise studios throughout LA, but none compare to the offering at the SportsClubLA (– it’s simply the best when it comes to equipment, classes, style, cleanliness, friendliness, professionalism and bang for your buck.

It may cost more, but it’s worth it.

There are two locations in LA, one on Sepulveda Blvd. in West LA and one in Beverly Hills on Camden Drive near Wilshire. The latter location is a mini version of the Sepulveda flagship, but still more than adequate with its array of equipment, classes, workout areas, steam rooms and spa.

The Divaonthego Meets Missy Beaver, Kettle Bell Queen

“My life is like a stroll on the beach…as near to the edge as I can go.” –Thoreau

Sun worshippers seriously bronzing bikini-clad bodies lazily eye a group of men, women and children gathered down the beach. A tall, painstakingly buff woman stands before them illustrating a series of exercises with a strange looking object. The hard-bodied instructor swings what looks like a cannon ball with a handle over her head, squats and thrusts as her assembly follows suit. Then everybody tosses their black steel object a few feet away and races through the sand to retrieve it.

Another SoCal day unfolds on the sundrenched shores of Santa Monica- –a 3.5 mile stretch of sandy coastline where dolphins frolic in the sparkling sea, boogie boarders ride the waves, serious swimmers plunge in to the frothy surf, skateboarders ply the strand and if it’s Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, Missy Beaver leads a pack of buff wannabes in rigorous ½ hour Kettle Belle classes.

Yes, I said “Kettle Belles”—the hottest rage in weight training that actually goes back to 16th Century Russia when original strong men used them to train for war and gain mutant strength. Weird, almost scary looking, the steel objects weigh between 18 to 118 pounds and when used properly can trim, tone, reduce cellulite, firm butts, melt fat, and whittle the waistline, according to Missy Beaver, one of handful of elite Nike sponsored athletes certified to use Kettle Bells in the US. Kettle Belles have also taken Hollywood’s body-centric by storm thanks to Missy who trains the casts of Nip Tuck and Grey’s Anatomy as well as Katherine Heigl, Ellen Pompeo, Edward Norton, Patrick Dempsey, Maria Bello and others.

While Missy will make  house and studio calls she prefers  the fresh sea air, wind in her face and soft sand under her feet at her beach front location. “There’s nothing like working out on beach as beautiful as Santa Monica. “It doesn’t get much better than that,” sighed the Indiana native who vacationed there 14 years ago and stayed permanently. The beach environment combined with Missy’s beauty, provides a pleasant diversion during the heavy lifting and hurling of 18 to 53 pound objects—a feat the impossibly fit 5’7” blond haired, green eyed bombshell—with her million dollar smile– does with the aplomb of someone picking up a feather.

 Tirelessly active the Belle of Santa Monica Beach swims, plays basketball, plays golf, boxes and body surfs but credits her rock solid body to Kettle Belle workouts.

 For a fun, painless (okay Missy confessed it will hurt for the first couple of days) shape up routine in a spectacular oceanfront setting—just show up at Santa Monica Beach—on the grassy area at the intersection of Ocean and the o Strand– at 5 PM on Wednesday or 9:30 AM on Sunday any day of the year. Your first visit is free and then $25 a session there after. And if Missy (Melissa) Beaver is an example, after just a few workouts, no one will ever kick sand in your face. Check her out a .