The Dining Diva, Rick Dees & Movin 93.9 FM

img_1361Hey your dining diva wants to thank all the Movin 93.9 FM listeners who visited my blog from the link on  Movin 93.9 FM’s web page––it’sLA’s fastest growing radio station spearheaded by LA’s favorite on air personality,  Rick Dees who amuses, entertains, sometimes shock and jump starts Angelenos from 5 AM to 10 AM. You really have to listen to his Dees Sleaze, Twisted Tivo, trivia contests, celebrity buzz (by Patti Long legs Lopez, who really does have legs up to there by the way), and Mark Wong who puts a unique twist on the news. Listen live on the web or at 93.9 FM on your HD radio. Anyhow here’s Dees in his studio doing what comes naturally to him for decades…


 Dees with his wit (and buns) of steel if he can’t get you smiling in the morning nobody can.


A little trivia from  your Dining Diva, Dees loves to cook and he’s good at it, here’s one of his Deesliscious pies, yum.

FYI: Your Dining Diva is also on hiatus from the Rick Dees in the Morning Show where I do restaurant/food prattling.  I miss it.  So write to your Congressperson, I mean the radio station and ask them to bring back the Dining Diva….thank you.

Check out Dees at, he’s got lots of good stuff on his site including recipes.