Designer Duds To Diet For From Theia

And in my size too

Okay don’t hate me, I wear a size “O” so these will fit me, if only the Theia designer would send some my way, wish, wish.  Well Linda Covello (  is going to shoot super models in these fabulous fashions by Theia, tomorrow at Alma, a top hair salon in New York City, and it will appear right here on the Divaonthego. Some come back and have a look

A Day in the Life of A Diva On The Go

She rises late, like 8 ish, stretches out on a mat in her home  office, does some body toning work with weights and resistance bands and heads out for a hike up Runyan Canyon–a popular spot for local denizens, celebs, industry-types and dog lovers.  Back home, quick laps in the pool before breakfast of fresh melon and raspberries topped with almonds.

Off to her see her hair stylist, Tammy Kranzo, owner/operator of  three6Nine,pattiandtammy2 a charming Valley salon–with a Big Sur meets Provence ambiance– where the super talented Tammy Kranzo works mane magic on clients from far and near.   She’s  been snipping, coloring and doing her hair for more than a decade and is hands down  one of the best stylist in Los Angeles. tammyandric2 Which is why a loyal coterie drive over the hill from Beverly Hills, take the freeways from Palm Springs and  even fly in  from New York to have her do their hair.  Her allure is an eagle eye  for creating personalized hair styles that fit each customers’ personality. The charming shop has none of that Beverly Hills attitude or for that matter prices and what’s more, each styling comes with a heavening shampoo and head and neck massage.


Three6Nine, 21132 Costanso St., Woodland Hills, CA, 818-347-1900, fax: 818-347-2182

Coiffed and feeling fine the Diva does the usual grocery shopping with a sidetrip to the mall and ends up at her favorite jewelers, Valley Discount Jewelers, a family-owned business and neighborhood favorite where ordinary people, celebrities and movie set directors head when they need  bling cleaned, repaired, or specially created for themselves or film and TV sets.  A jeweler you can really trust,  Greg Kalajian, creates exquisite pieces out of anything. I  brought him two  diamond rings and a broken diamond pendant which he transformed IMG_0444 into two exquisite necklace pieces for me. He extracted  the diamonds from my rings and made this beautiful pendant….IMG_0445He has also restrung  my pearls, repaired broken rings, bracelets and earrings for me,  and is my main squeeze for watch batteries. I have lots of watches and he charges the least of anyone in town, $4.50.  They also carry a large assortment of jewelry, clocks and collectibles. GreginshopGreg behind the window where he designs, creates and repairs bling.

Mrs. GregAnd his pretty wife.

Valley Discount Jewelers, 12119 Magnolia Blvd.m Studio City, 818-761-8832. 

The Diva was happy with her new bro0ches. Then a little more shopping and home to feed Elmo, the cat, work on my blogs,  do laps in the pool, join hubby for cocktail hour, followed by a cozy  dinner (he made) and TV. It’s all good.