Journey One Note

The Diva on the go discovers the ultimate travel tool for her laptop, don’t leave home without it…..

If you don’t own it, get it now. Microsoft Office OneNote is the perfect digital “catch all” notebook for travelers, writers on the road, or anyone who just wants to record, organize and jot down notes and ideas along the way.

The OneNote travel-focused template is a click away: — Just hit “save, “open and like magic there’ a an oganized digital notebook ready for you to create and manage all things travel. For more details go to: Office blog. Or read this excerpt: One of the most thrilling parts of travel is the planning process.

Even if you’re not  organized, daydreaming about far-away places and weighing your options between all of those cool places you’ve ever wanted to visit can be a lot of fun. Ready to dive into those bulky travel books and endless websites to research your choices for your next vacation? First, consider how and where you’re going to collect and use all of that information.

Travel planning is time-consuming enough without going back to the same websites over and over again. With a reported 93 million U.S. adults using the Internet for travel-related research and planning in 2010, the choices and details involving a family vacation can be overwhelming.

It’s only a matter of time before important websites are forgotten and vital travel information and emails are misplaced. Remember how much time you wasted on your last trip, shuffling through all of the printouts and note scribbles to find your sightseeing tips from friends and coworkers, or any of your flight, hotel, and tour confirmations? Didn’t you wish there was a better way to keep everything in one place?

On your next getaway pack the Microsoft OneNote! .OneNote isn’t just good for all of the research and planning that happens before a trip. It’s helpful once you’ve left home and you need to recall any particular detail at any given moment.

Here are just some of the ways in which OneNote can be a lifesaver when you’re on the road:  Lost your passport? Have a medical emergency? If you scanned copies of your passport, medication labels, or immunization records into OneNote, they’re available to you even if the originals are lost or stolen.

 Hotel mix-up when you arrive? No more vacancy when you decide to stay another day? Book a new deal by using your screen clippings from websites of all of your preferred hotels and restaurants that you previously researched. Don’t want to pack your laptop?

 Save your notebooks to the cloud with a free Windows Live SkyDrive account, and access your notebooks with either the OneNote Mobile apps on Windows Phone 7 and iPhone, or with the free OneNote Web App for browsers on other devices or on computers in Internet cafés.

Traveling with fiends and family? Let them in  to your travel notebook on SkyDrive so they can look up and even add their own information whenever they want or need to.

Go paperless! Why drag out pieces of paper from your stash of printouts and risk losing them to a spilled cup of coffee when you can do an instant search in your digital OneNote notebook? Travel light with OneNote and leave the paper chase at home. Not sure how to customize a downloaded notebook? Office Casual expert Doug Thomas has put together a quick video.

It’s FREE for two months! If you don’t yet have OneNote 2010 on your computer, download a free, fully functional 60-day trial version. I just downloaded it and can’t wait to try it out on my next trip.