Shellac Update: it really works–but taking it off’s a bitch

I must admit I was thrilled with my  two Shellac treatments. The paint dried in a flash. My nails looked great and the polish lasted over two weeks. BUT—taking it off is another story.

You either have to go back to the salon and pay to have it removed where they wrap your nails in  solution0s-soaked cotton balls covered with tin foil and then peel it off.

Or , like I just did, do it at home.   Which I did. It took forever. I  soaked my nails in acetone polish remover, wrapped them in acetone soaked cotton balls and scraped off the polish. It was messy, my nails looked  like s–t after.  They actually took quite a shellac-ing.,

So unless you’re willing to pay for extra sessions, consider carefully. Hopefully the company will come out with a special remover we can use at home.

These are my nails on June 30th after a good “Shellac” job  by Kayce at the Paint Shop in West Hollywood. I must confess that I wasn’t familiar with the Shellac process until I was invited to an event at the unique salon.

And now I’m a believer.  Today. July 9, my nails look as freshly-painted as they did 11-days ago when I had them done at the Paint Shop.  A paint job has never lasted this long on my nails.

Basically Shellac is designed to last for as long as a two weeks without chipping or fading, it’s a multi-process that uses two coats of color and one top coat. Your hands are put under ultra-violet light after each application.

Not only did I love how my nails looked, I couldn’t get over that they dried immediately, I could reach in my wallet for money, car keys, whatever without worrying about messing my mani.

The procedure is done at nail salons all over the country, but I’ll probably go back to the Paint Shop for my next Shellac-ing. The price is $50 and it takes about an hour.

The adorable, Morocan-style shop is run by Julie and Domingo Serquinia, she does nails, he does hair.   Comfy, over-sized chairs, lounge-like areas and a friendly staff add to the charm.

Paint Shop, 7938 West 3rd St., 323-658-1930,; web site:

For information about Shellac check out:

There I am dressed to go out with my red Shellac-ed nails.