Ooh la la a clinique en France for votre skin


 CAP D’ANTIBES, France, — Since opening its doors last month, Le Clinique Science & Beaute has garnered glowing reviews from celebrities to stressed out VIPs, executives, athletes and jet-setters.
And why not.  Based on the glamorous Cap d’Antibes and founded by world-famous plastic surgeon to the stars and respected author Dr. Henry Delmar, ‘Le Clinique Science & Beaute’ visitors choose between five or six day ‘cure’ packages, after which, one recent client commented: “It’s the best thing I have done for myself in my life, I went home feeling and looking better than I have in years!”

Delmar said, “The clinic has been fully booked and we have had an incredible amount of interest from people looking for this type of service. It seems we have filled a gap in the market because it’s a totally different approach to fixing health problems. It’s going at an issue from every angle possible, but in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

These packages consist of treatments designed to put your mind, body and soul as a whole into sync and to leave every part of you in optimum condition after a series of intensive treatments from the team of in-house top-flight medical professionals.

Dr. Delmar has hand-picked the best in their field to tend to his clients. His team consists of doctors who specialize in: Western modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, biology, nutrition, endocrinology, Chinese medicine, osteopathy, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, cardiology, genetics, chiropody, naturopathy and aromatherapy to ensure no area of the client’s health has gone unchecked.

Many visitors have reported that conditions that ailed them for years, that no amount of pills or visits to their doctor could cure, such as insomnia, anxiety, skin conditions, problems caused by menopause and crippling back pain have vanished after a five-day stay at the Le Clinique Science & Beaute.

“We had a couple visit us together and they told us after their treatments that we have saved their marriage,” said Delmar. “The relationship was hanging by a thread and they thought it was because they had lost their libidos and desire for one another after twenty years together. They admitted they even slept in separate bedrooms. We found several physiological problems and dealt with those and they left us happy, full of energy and with a renewed lust for each other.”

Although the clinic itself is based in the high-end Villa Sylvana, guests stay in either the nearby five-star Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc or the Inter-Continental Carlton in Cannes – which of course, means they have the added benefit of using the spa facilities, shopping in the designer boutiques on the Croisette or relaxing by the pool being waited on.

For further information, please visit:

For Bookings:
E-mail: contact@clinique-science-beaute.com
Tel: +33 (0) 49 330 330



Spa Struck By Displays at Spa Magazine’s Annual Event

The annual Spa 
Magazine Spring Event , which yours truly never misses,  was certainly a star-struck affair featuring  headliner spas and cosmetics companies gathered at the posh Montage Beverly Hills Hotel.

The Diva samples a new treatment from Terranea Spa (one of the spa sponsors), it felt so good

Sheila Cluff, owner/founder The Oaks at Ojai, promotes new menu and cutting edge treatments offered at her spa.Sheila showed  her chef’s yummy, 52.6 calorie dessert, a divine chocolate mousse made with tofu. The Oaks at Oaji, www.oaksspa.com.

Miraval Spa also showed its “ground breaking treatments” offered at the Tucson, Arizona resort.  www.miravalresorts.com

Mii Amo at Enchantment, a destination spa in Sedona Boynton Canyon, gave out this little sampler, along with information on its new “Journeys”: Healthy Body Balance, Rites of Passage and Mii amo Master.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs in SoCalm a 150-yea-old  rejuvenation spa promoted the red clay mud baths, underground moisturizing cabes and massages done under oak trees. www.glenivy.com.

The  Huntingon Spa at the Langham Huntingon formerly a Ritz Carlton (where I’ve spa-ed happily in the past), talked about the spa’s facelift and the Chaun Body + Soul philosophy that incorporates traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and cupping) for a holistical experience. www.thehuntingtonspa.com.

Until last night I was unfamiliar with Kohler Waters Spa.  I’d heard of the company but dnot the spa which is actually 10 years old and focuses on, you guess it, water treatments that cleanse the mind and body. www.destinationkohler.com.

One healthy getaway I am very familiar with, The Spa at The Grand Del Mar, touted the variety of natural therapies gleaned from resources of near by Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve (which we checked out and hiked through on our last visit). This is one fab spa with top notch treatments. www.thegranddelmar.com.

And the host hotel, Montage, escorted guests to their  spiffy spa for a salubrious hand, exfoliation treatment.

The Diva’s Days of Pampering and Pumping at the Golden Door

Day 6 of the Diva’s Week at the Golden Door

Monday April 20 at home…
Slowly making my re-entry into the real world. It’s not easy. I did get up and hiked, but not as early, more like 8AM, and I exercised and swam–so the Door’s still with me.  But I had lots of catch up on email, snail mail, work, husband etc.
 I still keep the Golden Door Glow, I feel rejuvenated, lighter, tighter, toned and wonderful. It’s just an incomparable week, and did I tell you the tab is all inclusive unless you want tennis lessons or after hours treatments. They even provide a full wardrobe of workout wear as well as kimonos that you can wear to dinner, robes, slippers, toiletries and hats, jackets, windbreakers and gloves for cold mornings. Transportation from San Diego airport’s also included. And of course they feed you three spa meals daily, snacks, beverages, and extra portions or snacks on request.
Saturday April 18 All Good Things Come to an End and so I leave the Golden Door via Amtrak’s Surfliner from Oceanside to Los Angeles.
Do come back for a complete wrap-up of my week and what I got out of it.
Friday April 17
  Pretty much repeat of yesterday with hike, b’fast (waffles and chicken sausage), stretch, Gentle Yoga, personal training session with Brett, makeup (pic posted soon) and now off to lunch by the pool, it warmed up here…come back later for updates. Lunch was great as usual, fresh salmon salad and a cookie for dessert. Rest of day exhausting: makeup, scalp treatment, herbal wrap, massage, dinner (fresh salmon again, but I had a choice and chose it, really delicious finished with a flaky, yummy banana, apple strudel.
Thursday April 16 over the hump day at the Golden Door
Day 5
(you really need to follow my journal daily, which begins at the bottom, hey makes you think)
Okay spa brain really set in. Relaxed, unwound, loose, light, toned and pampered. That’s what the Golden Door’s all about.
Did the 5 mile mountain hike followed by a session in the steam bath and hot tub. Then back to room for breakfast in bed: Mexican-style scrambled eggs in a whole wheat tortilla, fruit (melon, that alas wasn’t ripe enough, unusual for here), coffee. Then off to see Brett, my main fitness squeeze who sets me straight with weights and then stretches me out real good…
Brett sets gym up for cardio-boxing class….


Okay left Brett and came to PC to update you on my progress. Feeling good today, having a friend join me for lunch today. Marta, the maitre d’ of the kitchen whose been here forever and is fantastic at her job–which entails sometimes putting up with primo-divas (I’m not one of those). Anyhow Marta’s setting Glenn and I up by the Koi pond with today’s special: Bento boxes. Okay here’s Glenn obviously enjoying his Bento Box lunch. Glenn said his friends were concerned he wouldn’t get enough to eat and should eat before coming. Chef Dean showed them, Glenn didn’t even finish, nor did I. But we did have room for the Door’s delicious cookies–yep you get cookies.That’s the Koi pond. I hated to see Glenn leave but hey I had a body scrub scheduled and I don’t miss treatments even for best friends. And glad I didn’t. Carolyn, a striking, blonde-haired Irish export was fantastic as she massaged/scrubbed and oiled my weary body.


After the scrub it was time for my pedicure with ace manicurist Teresa, a Viet Namese export who ends her treatment with a fabulous foot reflexology massage. And then it was off to my room for my 5 PM rub by CJ, alas it would be my last from this cool dude as he gets Friday and Saturday off and is replaced by Eric, whom I’ve never had the pleasure of being massaged from. That’s grammatically incorrect, but geez this is a blog.

Dinner followed: salad and fresh fish (forgot what variety, but it was delicious)and corn meal cake that was quite tasty. After the ritual walk to the gate there was a woman who gave hand writing analysis, I skipped it. Not because of lack of interest but I wanted to write this journal which I hope you’re enjoying.

Day 4 At the Golden Door in Escondido, California
Wednesday, Tax Day and I’m plotzed, in spa speak it’s called ‘hump’ day. Actually slept in and skipped the hike, which although I love this activity, my body said “no.” But this is the Golden Door and you are on your own to go with your personal flow, which I’m doing. See below for full account….
Diane Allan and Suzie Fernandez teach classes at the Golden Door

I’m back at the Golden Door in Escondido, California. It’s been a year since my last visit and I was jonesing for some chic r and r and I’m getting it.

Arrived the afternoon of Easter Sunday via Amtrak Surfliner from Los Angeles. I sat in a cushy seat in Business Class, made cell phone calls, read, listened to my Mp3 Player, chatted with the hostess, a lovely Afro-American women with great wit and style. She served pax complimentary wine, water, soda and there was also coffee, tea and snacks, but I didn’t bend to temptation as I was en route to a salubrious week.

The Door’s driver picked me in Oceanside for the short ride to the beautiful bronze gates that enter me into a transcendental world far from reality.

I checked into my Japanese-honjin Inn style room, slipped into a kimono and met the other 17 female guests for dinner–gourmet spa cuisine of salad, fish and yummy guilt-free Key Lime dessert. The Door usually takes 40 people weekly but this being a holiday and a recession (it’s pricey)….

Day 2 (Monday)

up at 5:30 for 6:45 mountain hike (5 miles), back to room for breakfast in bed (aah), but not for long, up and at ’em for back and stretch class, Aerobics, Pilates, lunch, hike (1 1/2 miles), facial, steam, herbal wrap, massage and dinner–a spa cuisine masterpiece by chef Dean. We started with a perfectly seasoned salad with ingredients from the Door’s organic garden and moved on to chicken roulade which was so good it was hard to believe it was low-cal, low-salt, and finally a cannoli, yes they serve dessert and it was divine. After dinner we walk to the gates that open to the real world, but we keep it closed, reality doesn’t exist here. Then a lecture on
how to get the most out of your workout and nutrition but sorry to say opted to go to the steam bath and then read my Robert Parker Spenser Novel in bed.

Day 3 (Tuesday)
Another glorious day at the Golden Door. Slept well and off to the 5 mile mountain, followed by a session in the hot tub , quick steam and breakfast in bed. Yummy cheese toast this morning with fresh strawberries from the Door’s organic garden. Then off to Stretch class, ooooh, felt good and a wild and wacky Boomer’s Aerobics taught by Diane (seen above) to the music of the 60s – 80s. Cool. Then did my own thing (dyot) which including lots of Facebooking and Twittering.

Meet my personal trainer at Noon, Brett, he’s the best, had him last year, or he had me, does great stretch out, which I need after all the exercise I’m doing here.
My wonderful workout with Bret was followed by a fab facial from Ashton. You have choices here and I opted for full cleansing treatment. Divine.

I followed with a session in the Steam to prepare my muscles for a massage from CJ, a cool surfer/biker dude who gives a mean, deep rub that turns me into rubber. Feeling lazy, I decided to have dinner served in my room–another great Golden Door amenity.
Read in bed until sleep came, which actually wasn’t realized soon enough which is why on
Day 4

I slept in and missed the hike. After my oatmeal breakfast in bed I took the Stretch class, it helped. Then I went to the Samurai gym for short sessions on the treadmill and elliptical before meeting up with my PT Brett. My bad, body wouldn’t respond, so he had no alternative but to stretch me out real good.
This was followed by more steam, herbal wrap, more steam, relaxing. I figure it being Wednesday and Tax Day I’d really let myself go into a transcendental state of bliss. It works well here. It is such a beautiful, bucolic setting set in a little valley surrounded by mountains, with lots of lush foliage, orange and avocado trees and of course that organic garden.
Well it’s nearly lunch time. It’s cold out today so no dining by the pool, decided to feast in my room. Wish you were here.

For rates and info go to http://www.goldendoor.com/, there are special weeks and min-weeks offered throughout the year, keep in mind it’s an all-inclusive rate.

The Montage Beverly Hills Lays out the Red Carpet During Oscar Week

As happens each year at this time, the  Montage Beverly Hills is spreding the proverbial  red carpet for celebrity out-of-towners who stay there during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. 

Of course ordinary mortals  who happen to be caught up in the cross hairs,  and are lucky enough to score a room there during Hollywood’s biggest, most hyped, ginormous week,  can  also enjoy such luxuries as: Services of the “Bow Tie Butler” who does exactly what it sounds like, helps gentlemen tie their ties. Everyone gets personalized note cards; a monogrammed director’s chair in their room to use while preening; and to relieve stress, the spa’s open longer for facials, massages and body pampering (at additional fees). FYI: I’ve had, hands-on, some of the best facials and massages at this facility.

 The spa is gorgeous and the treatment menu creative with salubrious selections such as:

 “Essential Waters” — that starts with hydrotherapy bath infused with essential oils of neroli, bergamot and sandalwood coupled with underwater massage serves as the relaxing prelude to a soothing, long stroke, warm-oil massage,  ending  with exfoliation and a revitalizing Vichy rain shower. “Montage Anti-aging Facial” — that combines an antioxidant serum with a firming and contouring facial massage and a marine mask to firm and lift. “Body sculpting” –Mineral-enriched mud is combined with a contouring and lifting connective tissue massage, followed by a cool mud compress, to encourage the removal of cellular wastes and improve the skin’s appearance. ·

Seamstresses and laundresses trained in the care of fine fabrics are in-house to attend to any last-minute alterations or garment pressing requirements.

· Hair styling and coloring appointments are available at the onsite Kim Vo Salon and the in-house barber shop, Gornik & Drucker, who have been ministering to the famous and infamous since 1936.

 · Complimentary shoe shines by butlers certified by world-famous bespoke shoemaker John Lobb. · The valet department staffs two distinct arrival areas to ensure additional privacy for guests.

· An ever-alert security department  to keep the paparazzi at bay, with  all entrances and exits kept private and secure. Just in case you were worried.

 · A well choreographed  transportation department making to ensure seamless  limousine arrivals and departures so that Oscar® guests can expect on-the-dot service.

· The gift shop has fully stocked with creature comforts such as breath mints and additional supplies of socks and stockings.

Montage Beverly Hills, 225 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, (310) 860-7800, www.montagebeverlyhills.com

LA hosts new deluxe hotels, eco-spa opens in Santa Monica and more

There’s a whole lot of happenings going on in and around Los Angeles, and your Diva on the Go is right on top them….

 Not a town that rests on its laurels, Los Angeles is booming with new hotels and attractions like the J.W Marriott and Ritz Carlton that side-by-side at the $2.5 billion L.A. Live sports and entertainment complex, 

The Marriot which opens in March, after a short delay, will have 878 rooms, 52 suites, a 4,000 square foot fitness center (yes!), an outdoor pool and a Gallery Collection with 77,000 square feet of meeting space. www.marriott.com.

The Ritz-Carlton (I adoree this chain), which opens soon, has 123 rooms, 14 suites and a full-service spa which the company claims is the only one of its kind in downtown Los Angeles. The hotels also sports a signature Club Floor Lounge—one of my favorite amenities offered by Ritz Carlton, which I have sampled from New York to Hawaii. For the initiated, Club Lounge privileges are available for an extra fee and include light breakfast, lunchtime snacks and afternoon cocktails and hors d’ouevres. www.ritzcarlton.com.

 The Divaonthego will be checking out both properties when they are fully operative in March , and filing a full report right here.

Meanwhile to keep up with competition the Holiday Inn at LA City Center (adjacent to L.A. Live), is undergoing a $10 million facelift and a name change to Luxe City Center Hotel. The property will be fitted for all the right stuff from a fitness center to outdoor pool, business center and restaurant. Heading west to Santa Monica, the Loews Hotel has reopened the Ocean Spa & Fitness as an “eco-conscious facility with all sorts of environmentally friendly materials like Ecoresin panels made from 40% post-industrial recycled resin, reclaimed-wood furniture and more. www.loewshotels.com.

In Beverly Hills:  The Spa at the Beverly Wilshire, (A Four Seasons Hotel) is launching Christopher Drummond beauty– t  a “smarter” brand of makeup, as an Oscar tie-in complete with a pre-Academy Award party.

After years of research and industry experience, working with some of the biggest names in beauty, Christopher says he  realized that titanium dioxide, bismuth oxycloride and zinc oxide were the culprits, so he created  brand that doesn’t fit in a category: beyond mineral makeup, Christopher Drummond Beauty products are a healthy alternative to mineral makeup and traditional makeup – free of chemicals and preservatives, that are good for you, look great, will not cause acne, and are appropriate for even the most sensitive skin.

 “I believe that knowledge is power and we have the option to educate and empower ourselves. Being a part of the Beverly Wilshire is completely in line with our message, because spa employees have the power to educate their customers about what they are putting on their skin,” said Christopher Drummond. “Every choice we make, from the food we eat, to the cosmetics we use sends a message about us, and people need to be sure that the messages they send are the ones that really reflect how they feel about themselves, their health and their world.” Check out the product line and great photos at:  www.christopherdrummond.com

Fall/Winter Color Collection: Straight off the runways. Christopher Drummond pulled the best looks from recent runway shows, which included a sexy, smoky eye mixed with a rich gem-inspired story to create the Fall/Winter Color Collection for Christopher Drummond Beauty. Includes luxurious colors with beautiful textures in all-natural, chemical free products. Items include: Feline/Charcoal, Amethyst/Purple and Mystique/Blue Grey Eyeshadows; Matte Fraiche/Mauve and Matte Tres Chaud/Warm Red Blushes; Noir, Cafe, Plum and Peacock Eyeliners; and Cinnamon, Brazilian Berry and Luscious Lip Glosses. ($17.50-$28)

Gift Set for Women: The Gift Set offers three foundation colors, the Sade Pele Radiance Booster, Bronzer, the Silky Flat Top Brush, and a 1/8 ounce bottle of the new Revitalizing Facial Serum. The Gift Set is perfect for the woman who is afraid of the commitment of buying one full-sized product ($95)

Creme/Cream Veludo Velvet Foundation: For very fair skin, the Crme Foundation is a shade lighter than the Christopher Drummond Luz/Light, and contains shades of pink and less yellow for those with a cooler tone to their skin. ($65)

The Diva’s Recession-Friendly Bag of Beauty Tips

 The Divaonthego doesn’t go anywhere without her bag of beauty essentials. And like everybody these days, she keeps an eye out for bargains like these…. 

Sumita eyeliner

Sumita eyeliner


I just discovered one of the best makeups on the market for my skin type, it’s
Natural FX Water based Foundation with SPF 15, it spreads on like silk and provides complete coverage of those areas you want to hide from view. I love it, love it.    The company also has a Bronzed FX Mineral Bronzing Powder and Nouveau 10 fps, Mineral Foundation Powder that are exceptional. Had fun trying them all on for Valentine’s Day date. Of course there’s much more to choose from at www.coverfx.com.
Another new product worth mentioning and getting your sponge and brushes on is Helio Mineral Cosmetics.  The company sent me an assortment of foundations, concealers, blush, bronzers, shadows and lip balms to sample and I love them all. They go on nicely and look great. Check out the extensive menu at www.heliominerals.com.
More  new stuff from  Mixology–this company offers fabulous Loose Mineral Foundations, Mineral Veil/Setting Powder, Eye Liner, dry and wet shadows at affordable prices. I only sampled the shadows and one of their special brushes and I like it. Check out their Beauti-licious Club at www.mixologygmakeup.blogspot.com.  
All the makeup in the world won’t help you look good unless you…..
Hydrate,hydrate, hydrate– for a glowing complexion, high energy and de-toxing.   It’s my mantra and I’m sticking to it. But I hate water and it’s always an effort for me to drink enough, but that’s before I discovered ZICO Coconut Waters. They not only taste better than the plain stuff but they have more potassium than bananas and lots of added benefits. I was hooked after my first 60-calorie carton of Zirco Natural. I also like the
mango and  passion fruit, but prefer the natural. All have same calorie count and cost about $2 per drink.
 Made from 100 percent pure  coconut water ZICO Coconut Water is more effective than water for full-body rehydration and contains none of the added sugars or flavors associated with other sports drinks. It also contains more potassium than a banana and five essential electrolytes. What’s more, in terms of other spa treatments such as facials, drinking ZICO can help maximize effects by producing beautiful skin from the inside out. ZICO is packed with cytokinins which are powerful antioxidants that detoxify the skin by removing free radicals from the body. They also aid in the regeneration of new skin cells and help clear debris from older cells, leading to healthier, younger-looking and softer skin.
 Check it out: www.zico.com












Keeping your essential beauty products at hand is a must when you’re constantly on the go!  That’s why these products are never too far away from me.


1-Beauty Benefits 100% Natural Lip Color in Barely There ($5.99).  This nude shade is the perfect compliment to any outfit.


2-Alba Botanica Hawaiian Pineapple Lip Gloss ($4.95).  A yummy tropical treat, this gloss keeps my lips shining all-day long (that is, if I don’t lick it off first!)


3-Black Radiance Velvet & Glow Illuminator in Modern Glamour ($4.99).  The perfect all-over shimmer.  Use it as blush, to highlight eyes or even on lips, this is the ultimate multi-tasker.


4- Wet ‘n Wild Mega Eyes Defining Marker ($3.99).  Can’t live without your black liner?  This liquid liner is perfect for on-the-go application. 


5-Black Radiance Starry Eyes Shadow Stick in Deepest Plum ($3.99).  Purple is the new “it” color, especially in cosmetics.  This shadow stick makes flawless application a breeze.


6-Wet ‘n Wile Wild Shine Nail Color in Eggplant Frost ($.99).  Always carry your polish for quick touch ups.


7-Tropez Volumizing Mascara ($1.99).  Plump up your lashes for the perfect day-to-night look.


8-Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion (travel size $2.50).  Keeping hands silky smooth has never been easier with this natural lotion.


9-Modella Patent Perfect Wristlet Blue ($3.97).  This little guy is perfect to store all the essentials.  Throw it in your purse during the day and use it at night for a fashionable wristlet! (Additional colors: white, black and pink)


 Please also check me out at www.pattipietschmann.blogspot.com.



Facing Facts About Facials

Let’s face it, everybody, including Britney, Paris, Hilary, Angelina, et al, will eventually show signs of aging. Some with opt for drastic action like plastic surgery, lifts, nips and tucks. However you really can stave off Mother Nature’s ugly side with regular facials, especially if you start taking steps when you’re young. Your Diva here has been having regular facials since I was 22. Part of it was for research for my beauty writing, but I also learned earlier enough that this was a good thing and way to trick the clock.

So whether you’re 22 or younger or older, it’s never too early or too late to start taking care of your skin. Here’s the realy skin-ny on the subject:



The Truth About Facials

 Face it.  Save for the genetically blessed, most of us need extra help in caring for our complexion.  This goes double for anybody with sun damaged or maturing skin. While following a skin care regimen at home is a good start, cleansing and moisturizing alone won’t do the trick.  Keeping your complexion in tiptop shape requires professional care.


“The perfect facial begins with a complete skin analysis to determine the proper applications for each individual, and unfolds like a beautiful orchestration which focuses on every detail,” according to Ole Henriksen, internationally renowned face-saver of the stars whose client list at his Los Angeles, California day spas reads like a lineup of Oscar presenters at the Academy Awards. We’re talking famous figures like Kirk Douglas, regular since 1975, Lauren Bacall for about as many years, and fresher faces such as Rene Zellweger, Mark Wahlberg, Naomi Campbell, Charlise Theron, Jessica Alda, Sly Stallone, Maria Carey, and Hillary Swank.  “A true complexion treatment thoroughly eliminates impurities in the skin, tightens the pores, tones the muscles and texturizes the skin through the use of gentle peeling agents and special massage techniques like lymphatic drainage and acupressure.”  “But we must never forget the importance of continued pampering throughout the treatment, “ emphasizes the soft-spoken Danish-born dynamo.  “I don’t believe in gimmicky fluff and fold facials that don’t deliver what the customer deserves,” he warns.


Contrary to popular belief, facials are not exclusive to women. More men than ever are getting facials, according to Henriksen, who claims 25% his clientele are male.”  Men also want to look good in today’s youth-driven society. And since men are more prone than women to neglect their skin, many seek the services of a professional to get them on the right track. So you guys out there reading this shouldn’t slough it off. And gals it wouldn’t hurt to give may want to give your boyfriend or husband a nudge. I convinced my mate to get facials about 10 years ago. He kicked and screamed at first. “Facials are for women,” he moaned, but quickly changed his tune after his first experience. “Wow, that was great,” he cooed, “I actually fell asleep.” 


I began my frequent facial regimen nearly 20 years ago (I started young). For me, it’s an indispensable indulgence. Especially now that facial treatments have evolved from what were once perfunctory, cookie cutter procedures into more individualized treatments. Estheticians are better trained and have more advanced tools to perform their skills like highly developed power products that peel, oxygenate, restore, exfoliate and rejuvenate, and specialized machines such as microdermabrasion and Lasers that dig deeper into the dermis to generate more definitive results.


According to the experts, everybody beginning from about age 16 and on, should have a professional facial at least once a month to help slow down the signs of aging. Of course we can’t stop the aging process, but regular facials will help reduce deep lines and wrinkles. Think of it like brushing your teeth, we need to after meals, we go to the dentist to have them professionally cleaned so use the same rule to maintain your complexion. 


Louise Bianco, a veteran esthetician known as the  “miracle maker of the stars” for her unique facial contouring treatments, credited with keeping some of Hollywood’s most famous faces looking good, is a firm believer in facials as both a preventative measure and educational tool.  She insists her clients follow a professionally designed regimen at home in-between appointments. “Because everybody’s skin is different, it’s important to consult an authority to prescribe products most suitable for your skin,” Bianco advises.  “It’s essential to cleanse and moisturize your skin twice a day, but some skin types require more intense serums and applications,” she continued. Bianco contends that regular facials by a skin care practitioner provide relief from stress; helps firm facial muscles, holds the pull of gravity at bay and even delays or averts the need for cosmetic procedures.   “However,” she adds, “healthy, vital skin also requires regular exercise, drinking lots of water, eating right and getting your beauty sleep,”—a mantra she repeats regularly to her clients.



If you’ve never had a facial, it’s not too late to start.  And if you happen to be reading this while sailing on one of the Yachts of Seabourn, it’s as easy as visiting the onboard Spa.  The inviting sanctuary is the perfect place to begin taking care of your skin. You can select from an extensive menu that includes luxurious offerings as: La Therapie HydraLift Facial, a 50 minute session that helps reduce lines and wrinkles; Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Facial, which offers a similar boost by the use of a specialized lifting massage and Japanese silk mask saturated in collagen booster serum; Elemis Aromapure Time for Men Facial, a 50 stress-reducing minutes of unadulterated luxury that cleanses and rejuvenates. It also includes a heavenly scalp massage.


Contact the gurus:

OleHenriksen face and body products and treatments can be found at more than 350 spas throughout the world.  His flagship day spa provides a little oasis nestled in an upscale mini mall at 8622A Sunset Boulevard, 310/854.7700 and at the deluxe Shutters Hotel at 1 Pico Boulevard, 310/458.0030. OleHenriksen international locations include: the Hotel Side—a favorite stop-over for rock stars and musicians on tour– at Drehbahn 49, 20354 Hamburg Germany, 49-(40) 30-99-9562; The Bluebird in London, 350  Kings Road, 020 7351 3873,  situated in a hip and trendy mall;  OleHenriksen Face/Body Bangkok in the GMM Grammy Building 50 by the Four Seasons Hotel, 66-26 65 99 45; and the Cromwell Hotel on Copenhagen’s charming waterfront. For additional information call:  800/327.0331 or on the web: www. OleHenriksen.com



Louise Bianco, after nearly 30 years in her Beverly Hills days spas, Bianco moved shop into his charming San Fernando Valley home where she continues her miracle making on the faces celebrities, writers, producers, moguls and ordinary folk such as yours truly.

818/786.2700, 800/782.3067, http://www.louisebianco.com