Pole Dance Your Way to A Buff Bod

If you look at and listen to Dionne Dominique (pictured here) you’ll want to head out to your nearest pole dancing studio and learn how to shimmy like this super buff 40-year-old dancer/instructor.

Here’s an idea for a Valentine’s Day gift  to give your gal  and you can watch!  It’s an hour-long, in-home pole dancing lesson that teaches how to wiggle and twirl sensuously just like you’ve seen done at those wild strip clubs.

Not only is this one of the most sensuous sessions, an hour burns mondo calories, firms, tones and reaches and touches that all  important Pilates core.

Dionne Dominique of Dionne Star Body charges $100 for an hour in your home and will offer series discount on request. She brings the pole but if you want one of your own she’ll get it for you wholesale, about $300. You can learn three spins and four sexy moves and 4 floor moves in 60 minutes. 

Dionne’s based in West Los Angeles and will  travel  up to 40 miles.

combo of both.
What to wear:    Dionne advises yoga pants or boy shorts and a tank top, need your skin to stick to the pole–you burn about 1000 calories  in one hour of pole dancing–it’s a little more  difficult than  expected.  
Will you fall: maybe some do. Even Dionne fell  performing Scorpions (which is as it sounds), need to squeeze, makes you super lean.
   Book a session at: 310-806-2279 or one line at www.dionnestarbody.com