Pamper Yourself with a Week at The Golden Door

Anyone who reads my musings know I’m a huge fan and supporter of the Golden Door Health Resort in Escondido, California. It’s simply the best spa in the world as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been fortunate to have spent many weeks enscounced in the Japanese-style splendor of this pamper, fitness, health and spiritual sanctuary.  I used to go twice a year–back in the anti-recessionary days.

 Sure it’s expensive but it pays off big time to lose yourself — along with any excess weight, stress or negative thoughts–at this brainchild of spa doyenne Deborah Szekely who opened its gilded doors decades ago and immediately attracted a rich and famous clientele who also became loyal supporters/return guests and friends of the Golden Door like myself. 

 What Makes the Door Special
(Let me count the ways)

1.  A handpicked staff who pampers and coddles

2.  The best exercise regimen on the planet including awesome mountain hikes combined with state of the art equipment and a top notch fitness staff.
3. Gourmet, calorie, fat and salt -controlled food.
4.  All-inclusive amenities: daily massage, facials, manicure, pedicure, body treatments, herbal wraps, makeup, hair, skin care.

5. Pretty Japanese-style rooms that are kept spotless by able-bodied attendants who seem to come and go seamlessly when you’re not looking to fill your water pitcher, plump your pillows, straighen out your bed and more.

6. And the warm and wonderful staff to bring it all together.
Reserve a week
May 31 to June 14 or September 6 to December 27, 2009
and receive our 2008 rate of

Other special-rate weeks include
Memorial Day Week May 24 – 31 $7495
Summer Focus Weeks June 14 to September 6 $7495
3-Day Spa Interlude July 5 – 8, August 16 – 19 $3625
4-Day Spa Interlude July 8 – 12, August 19 – 23 $4725
Thanksgiving Coed Week November 22 – 29 $7495
New Year’s Week December 27, 2009 – January 3, 2010 $7495

**Bring-a-Friend reservations must be made after January 1, 2009 for visits between January 4 and May 24, 2009 and friend’s name must be referenced at the time of booking. Not valid February 15 to 22, 2009.

Call Debby- at 800-424-0777
or e-mail

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