True Sex And the City Confessions

I  love the cast of Sex  And the City especially Mr. Big,  the hunk,  whom I adore on Law and Order too.


As much of a fan I was of the TV show and movie #1, I

1.  Must confess I just don’t think Jessica’s that pretty.

2.  Most women just don’t dress as scantily in NYC as those girls except to go clubbing, but not to walk around the streets. Gimme a break.

3.   All those one night flings, bringing home strangers, in this day and age of SDS and Aids, gimme another break.

4.  A top notch journalist who does all her work in baby doll pjs on her laptop on her bed, gimme yet another break.

5.  If those women spent that much on shoes and clothing they wouldn’t be able to afford to drinkc  copious Cosmopolitans, martinis and wine at fancy bars or pay rent, cab fares and eat.

6.  Okay it’s just a fantasy, like eating and drinking and never gaining weight, except when Miranda got pregnant.

7.  Not a bitch among the  girlfriends. No back biting, jealousy, et al.  Never happen in edgy, competitive New York.

8. Okay it’s just a fantasty.

9.  My husband actually got me to watch the TV show. I didn’t care for it at first.  But he refused to go to the movie. We watched the first one on TV.

10.  I’ll watch the new movie, when it airs on HBO.